Verenaschlucht – Supporting program in the Solothurn region

While searching for social program possibilities in the Solothurn region, we came across the Verenaschlucht. Our curiosity got the better of us. We went in search of the gorge. At the first attempt we passed it by. And so we ended up at Waldegg Castle, which is located nearby. After visiting the castle, our ambition got the better of us and we made a second attempt. And then we found the entrance.

Verenaschlucht – nature experience at the gates of Solothurn

The slightly rainy weather did not stop us. Without “expectations” we started walking. Pure nature. We follow the babbling brook. There is so much to discover. The forest has such a rich green. The special climate in the Verena Gorge allows ferns and moss to grow. And also wild garlic. Those who don’t know the plant will recognize it by its smell.

On and on it goes. The path is laid out in the style of a romantic landscape garden. We use the seats and observe nature. Listen to the rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds. Deceleration in perfection.

And suddenly we discover the hermitage of Saint Verena at the end of the gorge. One of the chapels dates back to the 12th century. Besides the Verena Chapel and the Martin Chapel, we also find a hermit’s cottage. The hermitage is a cultural asset of national importance and is a federally protected monument.

Now we turn around and walk back through the Verena Gorge. The change of perspective again offers new opportunities for discovery.

If you are looking for a social program with an adrenaline kick, the Verena Gorge is certainly not the right thing for you. Let nature have its effect on you. Use the deceleration and the time to reflect on the essentials. Such excursions also contribute to creativity.

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